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When you’re approved for a Synchrony HOME furniture credit card, you get more than that living room sofa or kids’ bedroom set you need. You’re not just paying for new furniture or mattresses. You’re actually investing in your future by building good credit. This furniture financing option includes promotional offers easing your payments. Choose one of the time spans that’s right for you! Your new Synchrony HOME card will have NO annual fee. Better still, you can use your new Synchrony HOME purchasing power at other participating home-goods businesses so you swing a grand home makeover “as seen on TV”!


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Our Fair Furniture Financing and Leasing Options Empower You: Buy Now, Pay Later!


Although Lindsey’s Furniture has been an outstanding success thanks to Panhandle households like yours, we’ve never forgotten what it feels like to struggle. That’s why since we opened, we’ve endeavored to get you the furniture and mattresses you want not only for the lowest prices but even more accessibly through fair furniture financing and leasing options. Never think a lapse in your credit history will keep you from buying here. When you are approved for financing at Lindsey’s, you can enjoy your new piece, set, or sleep solution right away. And now in the Web age, applying and getting quick approval has never been simpler!

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